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Washing Your Bras

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Washing Your Bras

At Allure we understand that your bras are an investment, this is why we always go over proper bra care instructions. Some of the smallest changes to the way you care for your bras can be the biggest game changer on how long they last you. There are many factors that can/could affect the life of your bra – but for now let’s just focus on proper cleaning care to promote the life of your products.

Hand washing is truly best for your bras. DON’T PANIC, we do not mean you need to dust off the old wash board and head to town scrubbing your bras. It is MUCH simpler than that. Put one or two bras in the sink or wash bucket with lukewarm water and a sprinkle of your Forever New laundry detergent, let them soak for a minimum of ten minutes. Whenever you’re ready, rub your fingers along the wires giving it that extra scrub and rinse thoroughly. Yes, it really is that simple!

Your main goal here is to break down the sweat and oils that your body has put on the bra and tightening up those fibers that have stretched from natural body heat. Hang your items over the shower bar by the middle gore and allow it to dry. Hanging it by the middle gore prevents any excess stretching that may occur on straps or the band. Seamed style bras are typically dry within a couple of hours, while contour styles tend to take a little longer. You can also blot a towel on your bras before hanging to soak out some extra water. (Be gentile!)

Obviously, life doesn’t always call for HAND WASHING… although it is truly the best for your bras, you can still use your washing machine on a delicate cycle but there are some very important rules to follow. Always put your bra into a mesh lingerie bag. There should be no more than two bras per bag. Also make sure that your bras are hooked together. This will insure it doesn’t snag on itself, the bag, or items outside of the bag. Just imagine your bra, not in a bag, unhooked, rotating in circles being pulled in a thousand directions by other clothing… ~*immediately cringes*~ Protect your bras!

No matter which way you plan to wash your bras, never put them into the dryer. As the elastic heats up, it stretches and loses its shape. The extreme heat also effects the wires, giving them more opportunity to bend and break. Air drying will always be best to protect the bras shape and preserve its delicate fibers.

Your laundry detergent also makes a significant difference, no matter which way you plan to wash your bras. You want to avoid the big box names. Why? Because they contain a chemical called Lye or Sodium Hydroxide… Lye breaks down the elastic in your bras… and elastic is what helps to keep you nice and lifted. So, brands like Tide and Woolite are BAD, great for natural fibers but bad for your synthetic fibers.

We highly recommend ForeverNew a brand we have loved and trusted over the years. This detergent which is sold at all Allure locations and made in the USA is granular, organic and biodegradable. They have product usage amounts on the back of the bottle which we recommend following if you are using a machine but for hand washing, a quick sprinkle in the sink is all you really need! (This product is low sudsing, so don’t panic and add more if you don’t see a lot of bubbles!) Other brands that would be good to use as well are Ivory Snow, Dreft, and Seventh Generation.

Of course, it’s much easier to just throw your bras into the washer and dryer without a care. But continuing to do so will result in a short life span of your investment. Follow these simple rules and take care of your bras – the same way they care for you!



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