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Got fitted today in your Galleria shop! I can't remember the Wonderful gals name that helped me...does anyone know? It was in the afternoon. Anyway, it was quick and easy and low and behold my bra size has been wrong for years! Hoping to remedy that ASAP. Just need you to pair up the matching panties and bras on your website!


Hello Allure Girl! I used my winning gift card to buy one of my favorite college daughters some new apparel!!! She, like her sister, reluctant to come in and left smiling and happy. Why are we all so reluctant?? Right now I am waiting for my 83 year old mother who is getting properly fitted. She has been miserable with her undergarment purchases and I told her before she dies she needs to experience the thrill of being transformed! She just finished and cannot believe she waited-- so happy!!! Thank you Allure. Ladies, put your reluctance, self conscious selves aside and march in and see what this place can do for you. I promise you will be as happy as all the reluctant relatives and myself and you will also ask...why did you wait so long????


Just wanted to say a Big THANKS to the ladies working at Allure, for ending my search for a place to buy a bra that fits and does not look like a therapeutic contraption! The ladies who helped me on Saturday, October 5th, at The Galleria store were warm, friendly and professional! I will be returning to the store in the near future because my experience was so positive and I will tell all of the people I know how wonderful the customer focused service was. Thanks again - a New dedicated customer