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Common Issues

"My bra straps are always falling down. "

Often our straps fall because the band on our bras is too loose and is riding up. This prevents the band from keeping your straps on your shoulders. Because everybody is different, some styles of bras will help keep straps up where they belong, whereas other styles may be more prone to fall. Finding a correct fit is helpful – but in the event that straps still do not stay put, a product such as “comfy shoulders” can make falling straps a problem of the past.

"My breasts appear to be sagging.  No matter how much I tighten my straps I can’t get any lift."

A well-fitting bra is going to do most of the lifting from the band, and not the straps. Realistically, the straps are only going to provide the last 15% of the lift that a bra provides – the band should be doing most of the work, and to do this, it needs to be parallel to the floor against your body. Making sure that your band size is not too large will help with this issue. Certain bra styles provide more lift than others, and this is where an experienced fitter can work with you to find a bra with the right amount of lift.

"Wires are always so uncomfortable – they poke, dig, rub, and otherwise drive me crazy."

If your wires are consistently causing you grief, they may be too small or the wrong shape for your body. Getting the correct cup size can make an underwire very comfortable – so long as the wires are not digging into breast tissue, your arms, ribcage, or stomach. In the event that underwire bra wires are digging into your stomach, even if the wire completely encases breast tissue, a wire-free option may be more suitable. Modern construction techniques and fibers allow them to still provide good support, though typically not as much lift as a wired bra. Bras shouldn’t be painful – though sometimes wearing a different size or style than you are used to may cause very minor initial discomfort.

"The cups of my bra are always overflowing."

This would indicate that the cups of your bra are simply too small. Mass retailers typically only carry a fraction of the sizes available at specialty boutiques – Allure carries over 144 sizes and is always happy to work with you to find the right size with a bra fitting. If the cups are in fact, the right size, the style of bra may be too low in the center, allowing breast tissue to try to spill over when you move. A different style of bra could alleviate this issue.

"I have scoliosis – and I feel like my bras never lay correctly on my body."

This is another case where, because everybody is different, working one-on-one with a professional can alleviate a lot of stress in trying to find a bra alone. Often, one bra strap needs to be dramatically tighter or looser to help close any gaps in the cups for individuals with a spinal curvature. Typically, soft molded cups – such as those with memory foam or spacer foam, will be a little more forgiving.

"I have one breast larger than the other. Can I get a bra with two different cups?"

You could – but the more economical option is to work to balance the size difference by having the straps adjusted to let tension out of the larger side and pull up to close any gaps on the smaller side. Most, if not all women, have at least a slight size difference. Using a small insert to give the illusion of symmetry can also be beneficial. In cases where an individual has had some type of breast surgery, an insert is especially helpful, as they can be placed in different ways depending on the exact location of, for example, a lumpectomy.

"I’ve had breast surgery - what are my options for bras?"

Allure Intimate Apparel strongly recommends that you speak with your surgeon regarding the appropriate aftercare requirements for your specific procedure. Once we establish any medically necessary limitations, we are happy to work with you – all our fitters are trained to be both professional and sensitive to your needs. Several wire-free options exist for the times when a wire is not an option, but typically, after the healing process, many women are, with their doctors’ permission, able to wear a wired bra.

"The cups of my bra are always wrinkled. I never seem to fill them out."

This might be an indication of a cup that is too large, or poorly shaped for your breast tissue. Full coverage styles can have this problem, even in the correct size, if your breast tissue is fuller on the bottom. Trying different styles, such as a demi, or balconette style, may provide a better, more flattering fit. It is very important to remember that every brand and style can fit a little differently – so keeping an open mind in trying new styles can be very helpful in finding an amazing new bra.

"I just found out that I am pregnant – when do I need to get a nursing bra if I plan to breastfeed?"

At Allure, we are happy to help you find bras that will help to make you more comfortable during pregnancy – these options typically have a stretch cup –and are designed to help make you comfortable during the many months of body changes ahead. It is not uncommon to experience breast changes throughout your entire pregnancy, and for this reason, we recommend that you wait until as close to your due date as possible to get your first nursing bra – either a few weeks prior to delivery, or within the first few weeks after. This way, we can get a more accurate picture of what your size needs will be for as much of your time nursing as possible – though again, it is not uncommon to need to refit partway through. This time in your life is full of changes, and while we try to anticipate your needs as best, we can, they do sometimes change.

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